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Three years, eight months and five days – that’s how long I looked for ways to help get my baby to sleep properly. I had tried everything imaginable and followed almost every advice of the experts – anything short of drugs or letting him cry it out. And he would not sleep. My baby usually woke up every 2-3 hours, sometimes more often, needing help to get back to sleep.

If you are also facing the same problem and came here to find the solution, I bet you know what it’s like to have gone without a decent night sleep for months – or maybe even for years. You know what it feels like to get up every morning, everything inside of you just begging for a bit of sleep. You know what it’s like to be tired all day long, unable to focus, getting short with the kids – and then feeling guilty about it.

There are many things that you can try to help your baby sleep. If your baby is still infant then the best thing you can do is to swaddle him or her in cotton cloth. You can make your own swaddle at home, but if you don’t have much time; then better buy a decent swaddle. Swaddling help lot in calming your newborn baby and they sleep for a longer duration. It gives the warmth of a mother and also security. Also make sure you know swaddle properly and buy the top swaddles for newborn babies. You can watch videos where expert shows how to swaddle properly.
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Does Swaddling really helps?

I have tried many thing and in my quest to find the best solution, I tried swaddle. Before this I came across many top ideas that brought little improvement – and about three years later, I also found a “best solution”, You can call it the ultimate solution, something that is so simple and yet works wonders. Over the last 20 years, we’ve learned how to swaddle safely. Parents are generally overwhelmed by the square swaddling blankets. While a newborn sleeps about 16 hours per day, that sleep is in 3- to 4-hour intervals. And since every mommy deserves a good night sleep, I am here to share all the “good stuff” I have learned over the last several years – including what finally helped even our baby to sleep, so that you don’t have to go through this for 4 years yourself.

  • It’s safe to say we have come far from the tightly wrapped, mummy-style swaddle bands and swaddle boards!
  • Most babies wriggle out of such swaddles as soon as they are wrapped.
  • Swaddling appears to increase the amount of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that newborns get.
  • For easy reference, here are the top 3 baby sleep products, sorted based on how easy and effective each approach is.
  • Learning to correctly swaddle baby is key to ensuring safety and effectiveness.
  • This is where ease of swaddling becomes a must in a new parent’s tremendously busy life.

baby sleeping
This deeper sleep state may make it less likely for a baby to fully awaken when roused – which for parents means fewer trips to baby’s bedside to tend to a wide-awake and crying tot. And below you will find additional ideas and more info about each of these. Over-swaddling or using double swaddle blankets can lead to overheating. Newborn nails are sharp and grow fast.
Most parents only swaddle their babies when they are newborns. See what feels right for you – and feel free to take the shortcut so you and your baby get to sleep soon, too. This factor has been linked to SIDS. Nearly all babies scratch their faces with those jerky movements in their sleep. Once they are one or two-months-old, many babies don’t need the extra warmth or security they were getting from swaddling anymore.

The movements of his arms and legs cause the baby to startle. Signs of an overheated baby include damp hair and sweating. When the baby is swaddled, she is less likely to scratch up her face the night before you have her portraits taken. Studies have shown that swaddling doesn’t help infants with excessive crying once they are two-months-old anyway. This is upsetting to the baby and causes over stimulation. Today parents can use swaddles that are specifically designed to allow excess heat to escape which provides ventilation for baby. Every baby is different, and what works for some may not work as well for others. When they are over stimulated, newborns cry in an attempt to block out the stimuli. Swaddled babies, according to proponents of the technique, sleep longer, fuss less and have a lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).As the practice gains a bigger following, however, questions about safety are prompting some hospitals to speak out against it and are causing many converts to have second thoughts.

While there is research that supports the benefits of swaddling – as well as plenty of anecdotal evidence – you will need to monitor your baby and see how they respond to the feeling of being wrapped. When they are swaddled, the jerky arm and leg movements are kept to a minimum, resulting in less crying. Generally, swaddling is recommended for at least the first few months of life. When your baby shows the first signs of rolling, we recommend you start transitioning your baby to sleeping arms free.

How to buy the best swaddle in UK

The best fabric to use is 100% cotton. It all depends on your wrapping ability! If a gift giver isn’t the type of person to craft a blanket on their own, handmade blankets are also available for purchase from those with knitting and crocheting talents. Consider the weight or tog rating of a baby wrap as this is a useful indicator. An open weave, light weight cotton or muslin wrap is the most practical option and is not expensive.
Baby in swaddle UK

  • If you are following our instructions, have the right wrap and can wrap your baby securely, then swaddling your baby can be perfect!
  • These blankets are available in a variety of sizes and patterns, as well as in a wide selection of weight and thickness.
  • Tog rating is a measure of thermal resistance.
  • You can buy wraps ready made in packs of four upwards or if you’re keen, sew them yourself.
  • There is a real satisfaction in getting a secure swaddle that helps your baby sleep better.
  • While they may be considered aesthetically-pleasing presents, handmade baby blankets can be used as an essential part of a baby layette called a receiving blanket.

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Oct 242016

The data in your computer system may be lost for a lot of reasons and ways. A lot of users lost their files due to virus problems. Virus is not only the problems faced by users; power fluctuation is one of the problems. This can lead to files lost, especially if the systems don’t have voltage regulators and protectors. Don’t forget the disk reformatting and files erased accidentally. Even though there is no solution to this, there is still chance for the files.

Because of these circumstances, software for free hard drive recovery has born. There are a lot of different circumstances on when this recovery software can be used, but it helps in eliminating the errors of data loss. One of the best option to keep your hard drive data safe is by taking regular backup to an external hard drive. Today we have external hard drive with capacity over 1TB and at an affordable price. There are many advantages of external hard drive, they are portable and can be used easily. In my opinion it is best to buy 1TB external hard drive in India for the year 2017.

When the Whole Hard Disk is Corrupted or Damaged

There are times when the whole hard drive was destroyed and corrupted, which is considered to be the worst case of data loss. Free hard drive recovery software is needed in this case, though it must be downloaded to other storage. This storage must not be destroyed or corrupted. If you insist in installing it to the damaged disk, you’ll end up losing and overwriting the data. The software for free hard drive recovery will be used to scan the corrupted storage.

The corrupted hard disk will be scanned and will tell you which of the files can be retrieved. However, you must know that the number of retrievable files depends on how the disk is damaged. You can use a lot of free hard drive recovery software, yet you can’t be sure that the software can retrieve all of your files. After the scan is finished, you just have to confirm and let the software retrieve your files.
External hard drive recovery India
Various operating systems can use different formatting systems for the corrupted hard disk. A lot of software is available for a lot of operating systems. Some of this software is available in demo versions, which are for free at first and needs a fee after the free tryout.

Specific File/s is Corrupted

This is another incident wherein you may need free hard drive recovery software. Specific files may be corrupted when the power spikes or there is a power shutdown. The shutdown may cause open files to be corrupted, especially when it is not saved.

You may find different options for free hard drive recovery software. These options depend on the files to be retrieved. There are free hard drive recovery software that can retrieve files from Microsoft Office. There is software that can retrieve files from Microsoft Outlook, MS Access, SQL and Palm Pilot Databases.

With free hard drive recovery software, data loss is now just a bad dream that everyone awaken from. It is not a permanent process anymore because of the advancement of the technology. One doesn’t need to worry about his files lost, as he can retrieve them. It doesn’t matter if your entire hard disk is corrupted or just specific files, as you can retrieve all of your files.

Buying an External Hard Drive 2017

External hard drives exist in many forms to accommodate a wide range of uses. When deciding what’ll work best for your needs, consider the following: What will you be using it for; how much space do you really need; and how often will you be backing up your files? There are two types of external drives. If you are seldom going to move the external storage device, it makes sense to invest in an external desktop drive which is bulkier than a portable version but will provide with more storage capacity at any given price. They are for both desktop and mobile use, with hard disc drive or solid state technology, large size format, or a slimline profile that sits upright.
Also, do you want to be able to transport your external hard drive so that a lighter, encrypted one would be most convenient and best protected; or do you plan to keep it in one place, in which case you can afford a heavier but potentially cheaper device? Desktop-class drives, with 3.5-inch mechanisms inside, require a power adapter. If portability is your primary concern, see whether a large capacity USB flash drive could possibly answer your needs; but then they are expensive for anything above 8GB wheras portable hard drives cost as little as £36 for a 120GB version. External hard drives come with varying connection types, such as with a USB 2, 3, eSATA, FireWire, or Thunderbolt interface. If you’re a solo computer user, you can usually get away with a simple external hard drive.
They are designed to stay in one place, typically on your desk at home or at the office. Despite its compact design, the Seven is also very sturdy. Generally, external digital storage devices are becoming lighter and more compact. But if you’re a small-business owner or you have multiple computers in your house, you should look into getting a network-attached storage device, or a NAS. If you’re buying a desktop-class drive for video or lots of file transfers, look for one with a built-in fan, as the extra cooling will extend the drive’s life expectancy. It’s housed in a stainless steel case that looks very smart and makes a great match for Apple’s MacBook laptops, but is also strong enough to cope with a few bumps in a backpack when you’re out and about. Nevertheless, customers should assess the type of hard drive they need based on whether their intended use is mobile or stationary, high security, multiple computer data networking, or personal use. These are, simply speaking, external hard drives with very large capacities that can automatically back up several computers and allow various computers to access the same files. Though the Seagate 5TB expansion is older than the above, it also boasts more storage for the buck. The drive also includes Seagate’s Dashboard software for making back-up copies of photos that you upload onto social sites such as FaceBook.

The list below outlines some important considerations for shoppers to think about before they choose. In fact, you can expect to shell out just under £20 per TB if you’re in the UK or a little less than $24 in the US. That said, if you’re looking for a tiny yet tough, secure and capacious portable storage device to accompany your mobile devices, be it a laptop or a USB-C-enabled tablet, the T3 is an excellent choice. Like its sibling, the Seagate 5TB Expansion has 64MB of cache and demands an external power supply unit to get it going. But if you just want a fast and super compact portable storage device and don’t care about it being rugged, the T1 is still a great deal, especially given its now lower price.

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Mosquitoes are tiny little insect but can cause lots of problem to humans and animals. They spread many harmful diseases such as malaria and dengue. They are very annoying creature that gives many itchy and sleepy nights. According to the latest health report by World Health Organization, mosquito borne diseases are one of the major cause of illness and death in many countries where there are significant population of mosquitoes. In Africa, every year thousands of children died due to Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases.

Mosquito Basics

Mosquitoes comes from the family Culicidae, they belong to the similar group as flies. Mosquitoes differ from the other biting Diptera in having a long slender body, long legs and long needle-shaped mouth parts In appearance also mosquitoes are very similar to most house flies. As such, they have a single pair of wings. They typically have long, thin legs and a head featuring a prominent proboscis. Mosquitoes goes through 4 stages in their life cycle and they include egg, larva, pupa and adult. Mosquito bodies and wings most often are covered in tiny scales. Adult sizes may range from 3 to 9 mm. Mosquito eggs are white in color when first deposited but darken within 12 to 24 hours.

Mosquito Reproduction

There are numerous types of mosquitoes around the world. It it said there are about 3000 different species of mosquitoes, of which more than 100 are vectors of human diseases. Mosquito breeding in springs is restricted to the quiet edges where vegetation affords cover for the larvae and there is little, if any, water movement. In most cases, a female mosquito lays between thirty to three hundred eggs at a time. Many species of mosquitoes lay their eggs directly on the surface of water, either singly or stuck together in floating rafts. Worm like larvae, called wigglers because of their wiggling swimming motion, hatch. Larvae don’t have legs, they have a well developed head and body covered with hairs, and swim with sweeping movements of the body.They feed until ready to molt into pupae.

Controlling Mosquito Population

As mosquitoes spread many harmful disease and are cause of many deaths around the world, controlling mosquito population is very essential. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advise that preventing the bite is the best protection and continually urge people to avoid the outdoors during periods of peak mosquito activity. Mosquito develop sites are normally identified as a natural or man-made site that will collect water. Make sure that your garden or yards are clear of any containers that can hold water over the winter. If you have an old buckets or bird baths that have lain over from fall to spring, you can be pretty sure that they will contain mosquito eggs or even hatched nymphs waiting for spring.

Using Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellents are the most effective in preventing mosquito bites. They are especially good for kids, but make sure you buy the mosquito repellent with less concentration. Here are some of the best mosquito repellent for kids. Knowing what attracts mosquitoes can help us understand how to keep them away. We can avoid behavior, and locations that will normally draw mosquitoes out. It will also help us to know when to use mosquito killer or mosquito repellent.
Some mosquito traps, and bug zappers, will make use of attractant to draw mosquitoes to them. By knowing what attracts mosquitoes, we can overpower their senses. The result is that mosquitoes go towards the traps and stay away from us.

Carbon Dioxide
Human breath and perspirating skin will release carbon dioxide. So, the more you are heavily breathing and sweating the more likely you will attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have very sensitive receptors for carbon dioxide. Many traps will release carbon dioxide. Octenol is another by product of breathing, and it commonly used as a store bought mosquito attractant.

Body Heat
Mosquitoes also have sensitive receptors for detecting body heat. Blood circulating through warm blooded animals will radiate heat and attract mosquitoes. This lets them know a blood meal is nearby, and they will seek it out.

Breath and sweating skin from mammals will contain water vapor. Mosquitoes can sense this, along with heat and carbon dioxide, and will move towards it. Mosquitoes also like humid areas because they breed in moist locations.

When within 30 feet, mosquitoes are very sensitive to movement. They can detect movement by changes in light surrounding objects. The change in light would suggest that the object is moving.
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Jun 172016

There is every chance that you have had an experience of using a small, slender, glass-made instrument for gauging your body temperature. Yes, the thermometer! Devoid of all sorts of electronic transistors and wrapped in a small pack, it is a magnificent utility in itself. It is one such scientific instrument that millions of people around the world use on everyday basis. But have you ever thought for a while what actually the working principle of this instrument is? Have you ever sat down with a thermometer in hand and pondered who might have invented this magical tube? This article is meant to educate you about the origin, development and scientific basis of water thermometer.

The development of the thermometers was not an overnight process. In fact, its roots date back to 1660’s when a couple of scientists first conducted research work on relationship of temperature with different forms of matters. This study was followed various research studies on the flow of energy from one body to another body. It is also necessary that when you buy a thermometer for you baby, choose the one which gives accurate reading. Most parents prefer forehead thermometer for babies, as these thermometers are easy to handle without even your baby realizing. You can check some best forehead thermometers in UK here.

Once it was clearly understood that temperature is actually about the hotness or coldness of the bodies and that energy flows from hotter bodies to colder bodies, many scientists started working on how can temperature be gauged. At that time, Galileo came out with the first instrument that had an ability to gauge temperature but it wasn’t the thermometer we see today. Galileo laid foundation by presenting his theory and later on, various scientists continued with his theory and came up with an instrument w call the thermometer. Various liquids, such as mercury, alcohol and water are used in the glass vessel of thermometer. Each of these liquids has its own specific features.

Types of Thermometers

There are many different types of thermometer available in today’s market. Traditional thermometers are designed for at home use for measuring the temperature of the air or water in both F or C. Contact – liquid-in-glass thermometer. Liquid-in-glass thermometers, in particular mercury thermometers, have been around for almost 300 years. these are standard electronic thermometers, and use electronic heat sensors to detect body temperature. It is vital that you understand the range of products available to you and their suitability for use.
thermometer in uk
Traditional Thermometer: These should not require much maintenance, but they may have a varied accuracy, range and resolution. Thermometer relies on the expansion of a liquid with temperature. These thermometers can be used in the mouth, armpit or rectum. Complying with health & safety in a catering establishment will need very different equipment to a medical kit. Digital Temple Thermometers are fast, fairly accurate, and good to use when your baby is too young to sit still.

Resistance Thermometer: Liquid is contained in a sealed glass bulb and it expands into the fine bore in the thermometer stem. Sometimes, it can come in the form of a pacifier for infants who cannot keep still when having their temperature measured. Just as an office or workplace thermometer is not suitable for critical industrial measurements. Make sure that the sensor is near the temporal artery (between the outside edge of the eye and the hairline). Look at the directions carefully to make sure you get an accurate reading. Temperature is read using a scale etched along the stem.

Mercury Thermometer:
When in doubt, invest in a digital heat sensor thermometer, as it is appropriate for all ages and is very accurate. Thermometers which use liquids inside the glass are not suitable to be used for measuring a wide range of temperature. e.g temperature ranging from -250 degree Celsius to about 700 degree Celsius. Electrical resistance of a metal wire increases as temperature increases, so that a smaller current indicates a higher temperature. This is also used to measure temperature, but they may not be as reliable as the digital thermometers. It can measure temperatures of over a thousand degrees Celsius and can be used in industry to measure the temperatures of ovens and furnaces. Forehead thermometers are placed on the temporal artery of the forehead and will read the infrared heat that comes off of the head.

Basal Thermometers: This type of thermometer are use by women who want to get pregnant. Basal thermometers are very sensitive device that can measure even slight change in temperature. They are quiet accurate and reliable to measure the BBT. If you are looking for quality basal thermometers than I suggest you go for Eudemon. This thermometer has many features and also have a back-light and alarm system.


Thermocouples are used in many industrial, scientific, and OEM applications. A thermocouple is a temperature sensor that uses a junction formed by dissimilar metals. A thermocouple functions based on differential calculations from a known temperature point, called a cold or reference junction, and a probe, connected to the unit to be measured. The Type T is used widely in the food industry, mainly due to the high level of accuracy it provides and because it performs well in the presence of moisture without oxidising. They can be found in nearly all industrial markets: Power Generation, Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, BioTech, Cement, Paper & Pulp, etc.
It is simply a pair of wires of different composition, joined at one end. Lab conditions allow a natural cold junction, but applied thermocouple conditions often necessitate the use of an artificially generated temperature constant. If in general a lower range temperature measurement is required, the Type T is popular choice. Thermocouples are also used in everyday appliances like stoves, furnaces, and toasters. The thermocouple produces a small voltage, also called the thermocouple potential, roughly proportional to temperature.

Because voltages generated by connecting dissimilar metals are known and constant, they are used as reference points based on their relation to the measuring junction. The Type J is a popular thermocouple that is commonly used to monitor temperatures of inert materials and in vacuum applications. Thermocouples are typically selected because of their low cost, high temperature limits, wide temperature ranges, and durable nature. The thermocouple potential is produced in part by a junction effect, but mostly by the influence of a temperature gradient on each wire, called the Peltier and Seebeck effects. This thermocouple is susceptible to oxidisation so is not recommended for damp conditions or low temperature monitoring.

Thermometer Uses

The water thermometers find a range of applications in laboratory experiments, in industry and in medical sciences since it is lot more safe to use these thermometers as compared to alcohol or mercury thermometers. Today, a number of modernized forms of these thermometers are available in the market. The latest of these forms is the digital thermometer. Though these thermometers seem to be having no connection with the primitive thermometers but the fact of the matter is that these latest technological innovations have been made possible due to the primitive theories established by experts like Galileo and others.

Therefore, it can be very safely concluded that a thermometer which apparently seems a very ordinary tube, is in fact a very useful instrument in our daily life. Unlike most of the instruments you see in your physics or chemistry lab, a thermometer moves with you in your everyday life. In hospitals, in your homes and even at commercial areas, a thermometer accompanies people and helps them know if there is some fluctuation in their body temperature. Galileo, while discovering the principle of thermometer might not have even thought of the applications his principle would find one day. But the fact of the matter is that his studies laid foundations of the development of an instrument that will keep serving humanity for centuries to come.

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May 262016

There are a lot of reasons that you might choose to have an air ionizer purifier in your home. A couple of primary reasons are for health reasons and for allergy reasons. Of course many people purchase air ionizers so that they can breath clean air in their home and so on. Regardless of the reason, air ionizers are a wonderful way to clean the air in your home and keep your home healthy and free of pollutants.

Air purifiers work in a very simple way. Basically an air ionizer purifier creates and then releases electrons into the air. The electrons will then form negative ions when they attache themselves to the molecules that are in the air. Once the molecules become ions they can attach to pollutants in the air, such as pet dander, pollen, dust and so on. These pollutants become heavy and are easily drawn into the air purifier to be caught by its filter or they land on the floor or carpet where they can easily be vacuumed away.

There are many places that you can search for air purifier and it is important that you check reviews for air ionizers before making a purchase. There are those with built in filters and those that have HEPA filters that need to be replaced regularly. You should see which ones perform better and will better suit your home. They also come in different sizes and price ranges, so you will want to review which ones are better for a room your size and that fit your budget as well. There are plenty of online reviews and Consumer Reports also offers good air ionizer reviews.
If you are looking for the best air ionizer purifier, then you need to understand that are many different brands available. If you love Hunter brands, for example, then this may be the way that you want to go. Oreck also offers a nice line of air purifiers. Other options include well known brands such as Honeywell and Ionic Pro so doing your homework is important. There are also many top air purifiers in India that can be bought at affordable price.

Choosing Air Purifiers in India

Regardless of why you want an air ionizer purifier, you will want to ensure that you get the most for the money that you spend. Check online as well as your local stores for the best deals and then check various reviews to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your air ionizer.

Air-purifier models with an electrostatic precipitator remove pollutant particles by charging them as they pass through and collecting them on an oppositely charged metal plate or filter. Others still can simply confuse you with the sheer number of options, sizes and prices available, and leave you feeling just as overwhelmed as when you first began your search. If you suffer from asthma or if your symptoms are triggered by odor and chemical pollutants, you’ll want to consider an asthma air purifier or an odor and chemical air purifier. Even the cleanest homes can contain dust, pet dander, pollen, and fumes. In the process, they produce some ozone as a byproduct.

Why Do I Need An Air Purifier?

No matter the brand, price or style of air purifier you are searching for, there are key things to look for with any air purifier. These air purifiers contain added odor and chemical filtration as well as HEPA filters for allergen particle removal. If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or other lung problems, these airborne irritants can make it harder to breathe. You’ll also find dedicated ozone generators, which produce relatively large amounts of this gas by design. To help you learn about air purifiers and find a safe, effective unit that is right for your needs, we created this air purifier buying guide.
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May 102016

Whilst establishing the kitchen area, remodeling this or even whenever a brand new microwave is required since the aged you need to become changed, you should take a moment to determine that red-colored microwave is going to be well suited for your own kitchen area. Even though it is simple for a few who does would rather enter an outlet as well as get the costliest 1 accessible, it could you need to be the waste materials and never employed properly. The actual financial aspects associated with managing a home entails purchasing the greatest item however utilizing it towards the maximum, to ensure that absolutely nothing will go waste materials, whether it is room, capabilities or even investment property. The marketplace spot for micro waves might have any kind of client pampered with regard to option, when it comes to dimension, capability, energy usage, features and functions as well as most importantly, cost. However each one of these might easily fit in, as well as fulfill the precise needs of the group of homes, based on their own kitchen area setup as well as cooking food needs.microwave oven in India

Choosing The Best Microwave Oven in India

A couple of questions can help you recognize which kind of red-colored microwave oven you have to search for. Here are some of the points that you should consider before buying a microwave oven in 2016

  • How big your own kitchen area. Inside a big kitchen area a large microwave may easily fit in, however might dwarf an inferior kitchen area.
  • How big your loved ones. For those who have a little loved ones, it’s not likely that you’ll location big containers associated with meals within to cook. Therefore an inferior stove may be enough.
  • The type of cooking food you have to do- If you want cooking food within the microwave, it seems sensible to purchase a costly design along with several capabilities, such as indicator cooking food, auto-start, defrost, prepare, make, car prepare veggies, meat as well as sweets based on the pounds, and so forth. These types of versions cost more. You can definitely, all you need to complete is actually defrost as well as heat, a fundamental, reduced finish microwave oven is going to be more suitable being that they are less expensive.
  • Would you choose combination ovens- Micro waves can be found in in conjunction with the barbeque grill or even lightly browning component along with a convection stove. These types of function as multi-purpose stoves which are great for cooking, barbecuing as well as sophisticated cooking food too. But they’re costly along with a small complex to make use of compared to fundamental versions.
  • Could it be simple to thoroughly clean along with detachable trays- for individuals challenged with regard to period, upkeep gets a problem. A good stove along with containers that may be effortlessly eliminated as well as washed is definitely an benefit.
  • Brand name preferences

Microwave Oven Types

Built-in ovens, also called integrated ovens, are appliances that are installed directly into a cavity in your kitchen units, creating a seamless and streamlined look to your kitchen and saving floor space. Microwaves have advanced significantly in recent years – nowadays, different types of microwaves can cook different things for you. Solo or basic microwave is ideal for reheating leftovers, cooking ready meals and defrosting food, solo (also known as basic) microwaves generally feature manual or touch controls and offer a range of essential cooking functions including defrosting and reheating. Think about where the microwave will sit. If you are redesigning you kitchen it’s good to know that built-in ovens can be installed in-column, at eye-level or under your worktop.

microwave oven 2016
Commercial microwaves generally have much higher power ratings (from 1000w to 2000w) which deliver much faster and safer heating, essential in commercial food service. Generally the most affordable microwave option, these hardworking and practical appliances are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Bear in mind that it needs a gap of 15cm above and behind it for ventilation. Look out for user-friendly features, such as programmable LED timers and telescopic rails to help with loading and unloading heavier portions and don’t forget that built-in ovens often need to be professionally installed by a registered engineer. Commercial microwaves are typically fitted with two more powerful heating elements (magnetrons) which allows them to operate at high power without undue wear and tear occurring.
Most microwaves, particularly the ones at the lower end of the price scale, range from around 17L in capacity. This is particularly important for a combination oven, because a lot of air is expelled when using the dual function. The power rating is often accompanied by a much more sophisticated heating method such as combination heating where the microwave also has a convection oven setting. This is fine for someone who lives alone, or who uses a microwave to supplement traditional oven cooking. Microwave ovens can be hung on the wall using special brackets to save space.
Commercial microwaves are usually constructed from much more robust materials such as stainless steel to withstand heavy duty use and they often have a vast number of additional settings to allow caterers to perform safe, efficient and fast food cooking. Microwave capacity often extends up to a maximum of around 27L in capacity, which is perfect for larger families. If a microwave is built-in to a kitchen, you will need a ventilation kit, available from the manufacturer. You’d be surprised how much more you can fit into a microwave of this size over a small model. When you’re comparing models, the turntable size and interior height are more important than volume. For family use, ideally the turntable diameter should be at least 30cm and the interior height more than 20cm to accommodate larger portions of food.

Features in Microwave Oven

Many individuals are incomplete in order to large manufacturers simply because they have the method is much better. However they are available along with high price labels. If you want a practical device, you are able to select any kind of that appears attractive.

  • The cost factor- whenever you attempted to purchase a microwave, have you got any kind of cost restrict in your mind? In the event that indeed, your option is determined by what’s obtainable in which cost range.
  • Just how long would you like this in order to last-Are a person someone who really wants to alter just about all home appliances each and every two-three many years? In the event that indeed, then its easier to purchase a affordable 1 because high quality as well as enduring length as well as guarantees don’t issue.
  •  The actual guarantee factor- the majority of microwave oven stoves provide perfect support for some many years. However in 1 unusual item, there can be a few production deficiency in spite of strict high quality assessments. For those who have were built with a poor knowledge about a good product prior to, you may want 1 having a twelve months guarantee time period, free of charge replacing components or even replacing the actual stove.
  • Designed with solutions to each one of these queries, you are able to enter any kind of large shop and you’ll certainly look for a microwave that meets all of your needs, and you’ll return more happy together with your brand new stove.
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Mar 102016

Humidifiers are very beneficial device that is use to increase moisture in the air. This device is particularly useful in winters or when climate is dry. If your kids have cold or flu, then humidifiers make it easy for them to breathe. Humidity level in your home should be in the range between 30 percent to 60 percent. If the level of humidity is not in this range, then you may experience health problems.

Low Humidity: If the humidity level drops below 30%, you may experience dry skin, irritates nasal passages, causes eyelids to itch, and when you sleep, you might mouth breathe making your mouth and throat dry.

High Humidity: If there are lots of moisture in the air and the humidity level increases above 60 percent, then you may experience warm and suffocating. High humidity activates unsafe bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites.
To resolve the problem you will need either a humidifier (that adds moisture to air) or De-humidifier (that reduce level of humidity). In this article we will discuss about humidifiers.

Type of Humidifiers

Basically, there are three main types of humidifiers available in India:

  • Tabletop
  • Console
  • In Duct (whole house)

Table top humidifiers such as crane cool mist humidifier,are by far the cheapest. They are suitable for use only in a single room. There are various types of tabletop humidifiers: cool mist, warm mist, and ultrasonic humidifiers.

Console humidifiers are bigger units than the tabletop ones, but they are also portable and can be moved around the house according to your needs. One advantage of the console units is that you don’t need to change the water so frequently. However, they can be noisy compared to the tabletop. Both the console evaporative and ultrasonic types provide sufficient moisture and humidify up to two rooms.

In duct humidifiers are your best bet if you already have a ducted heating system installed in your house. They simply get ducted into the existing system and plumped into the water supply. These are the best humidifiers for adding moisture to your whole house. They have to be professionally installed and are more expensive, but once installed, are the least expensive to run.

Choosing The Best Humidifiers

Before you purchase humidifiers in India, you should be aware of different features that an ideal humidifiers should have. Here are some factors you should consider when buying your humidifier:

Noise Level

Some humidifiers generate more noise than others. If you are sensitive to noise, especially in the bedroom, then you should be careful to choose the less noisy humidifiers. Ultrasonic and warm mist humidifiers are generally quieter in operation than the evaporative types.


If portability is a major factor, then the tabletop or console humidifiers would be the better choice for you since you can move them from room to room. You just need to plug it into an electronic socket to get it working. However, portable humidifiers would only be sufficient to humidify two rooms.

On the other hand, if you are well settled in your own home and live in a larger house, then you should consider the whole house humidifier. The best thing about the whole house humidifier is that it only requires one time installation and minimal maintenance. You do not need to keep refilling the water and it is cheap and efficient to run. The level of moisture in your house is set at one point, require less effort to run.


While the portable humidifiers may seem the best humidifiers to buy in terms of cost, I recommend that you should not only look at price of purchase, but also the cost of operation and its durability.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You should look for a humidifier that is easy to clean and maintain. Note, however that quality and mineral content of your water may impact the level of necessary cleaning for the unit to run properly for a long time.

Some units require cleaning every couple of days or every week.Other units use humidifier filters to help control mineral build up and bacterial growth. These types usually help prevent that white mineral dust from accumulating on your tv and furniture, but you will need to buy replacement filters for these.

Humidity Control

The ideal humidity level is around 45 percent. Too much humidity can cause condensation in the windows, and the growth of mould, bacteria and dust mites. Some humidifiers incorporate a built-in thermostat that helps keep the house at an optimal humidity level, hence prevent too much humidity in the air.

The Top Humidifiers Brands in India

There are many reputable brands for humidifiers, such as Crane, Venta, Honeywell, Air-o-swiss, and Soleus. The brands that I found to be the most popular from my research are Crane, Hunter, Frigidaire, and Honeywell. Honeywell sells both tabletop and console humidifiers and the price ranges from $20-$399. Hunter makes lower priced tabletop humidifiers.

It is advisable to buy a humidifier of a reputable brand as most of the spare parts are easily available, and you will generally not have a problem with service and warranty.


When shopping online, I always look for a warranty and from a well-known company. That is why I tend to shop at Amazon, which happens to also have the lowest price for the best humidifiers. Amazon usually has ranging warranties but you can usually get 3 years if you pay an extra $27, which to me is well worth the money.

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Feb 162016

WiFi or wireless signals are generally information carriers between two devices known as transmitter and receiver. A WiFi can also extend our senses and enable us to see moving objects through walls and behind closed doors. The growing ubiquity of wireless devices combined with the advent of mobility applications requires businesses to be diligent in managing inference throughout their deployments. The many WiFi technologies and commonplace electric devices already in use and newly emerging impede wireless performance.

What is WiFi

Wi-Fi is the name given by the Wi-Fi Alliance to the IEEE 802.11 suite of standards. 802.11 defined the initial standard for wireless local area networks, but it was considered too slow for some applications and so was superseded by the extensions 802.11a and 802.11b, and later by 802.11g.

802 Network Standards

The IEEE 802.15.1 standard is the basis for the Bluetooth wireless communication technology. Bluetooth is a low tier, ad hoc, terrestrial, wireless standard for short range communication. It is designed for small and low cost devices with low power consumption. 802.11 or WiFi came into existence as a result of a decision in 1985 by the FCC to open several brands of the wireless spectrum for use without a government license. To operate in these bands though, devices were required to use spread spectrum technology. This technology spreads a radio signal out over a wide range of frequencies, making the signal less susceptible to interference and difficult to intercept.
To increase the data rate in the 802.11b standard, in 1998, Lucent Technologies and Harris Semiconductor proposed to IEEE a standard called CCK (Complementary Code Keying). Rather than the two 11 – bit Barker code, CCK uses a set of 64 eight bit unique code words, thus up to 6 bits can be represented by any code word. As 802.11n has become a standard interface on pcs, tablets and smartphones, the applications used by these devices have continued to progress. mobile technology has encountered the next frontier – video. Whether delivering youtube to smartphones or moving HDTV signals around the office or home, video has become a significant driver of network traffic, chiefly because it requires one or two orders of magnitude more bandwidth than other Ip services.
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Feb 072016

The Moto E is a low end Android device by Motorola, is the latest budget dual sim Android smartphone. The Moto E was launched in May 2014. The device features a 4.3″ LCD display, with a resolution of 960×540. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. It has 4GB internal storage, with a microSD slot capable of up to 32GB. The Moto E has a 5MP camera and runs on Android 4.4.2. All this is backed by a 1980mAh battery. Here is some quick tips and tricks on Moto E to make you play with your device.
Moto E
Check Notification:
From any screen, slide with single figure. You can see the notifications.

Check Quick settings and Quick toggles:
From any screen, slide with double figures. You can see all quick settings and quick toggles like WIFI, GPS, Sound, Bluetooth.

A different way to capture:
1. Go to camera.
2. Connect with headphone.
3. Press the headphone control button.

Decreasing the Screen Brightness:

  • While on the home screen, tap the “All apps” icon
  • Tap “Settings“
  • Under “Device“, tap “Display“
  • Tap “Brightness” and clear the “Automatic brightness” check box if necessary
  • Drag the brightness slider to the desired level
  • Tap “OK“

power bank for iPhone
Adjusting the Screen Timeout:

  • Access the phone’s “Settings” menu
  • Tap “Display” under “Device“
  • Tap “Sleep“
  • Set a different duration, anywhere between “15 seconds” and the maximum limit of “10 minutes“

Adding a Widget or a Shortcut to the Home Screen:

  • Tap “All apps” while on the home screen
  • Swipe right-to-left and find the desired app or widget
  • Tap and hold the desired widget or app

Deleting a Widget or a Shortcut:

  • Tap and hold a widget or a shortcut located on the home screen
  • Drag the item over the “Remove” icon
  • Release the item and it will be removed

Changing the Home Screen Wallpaper:

  • While on the home screen, tap and hold an empty area
  • Select “Wallpapers“
  • Browse through the default images and tap “Set Wallpaper” when you’ve reached the desired one.

Changing the Default Keyboard:

  • While viewing the home screen, tap “All Apps“
  • Tap “Settings“
  • Under “Personal“, tap “Language & input“
  • Tap “Default” and select the desired keyboard

Enabling / Disabling Haptic Feedback:

  • Open the apps drawer
  • Tap “Settings” > “Sound“
  • Tap “Vibrate on touch” to enable or disable haptic feedback

solar power bank
Importing the contacts from SIM card in Moto E

1. Go to Contacts

2. Choose Options Symbol shown in image below

3. Choose Import/export.

4. The new menu opens.

5. Select Import from SIM card. It will ask to choose the SIM card you have in your device. You can select both the SIM or you can choose one sim. It will import all your contacts in SIM card to Motorola Moto E smartphone.

Take screenshot in Motorola Moto E

1. Press and hold volume down key and power button for few seconds.

2. The screen blinks to confirm you that, screenshot is taken.

3. The screenshot taken will be saved in Gallery.

Use Motorola Moto E as WiFi Hotspot

1. Go to Settings-> More->Tethering & mobile hotspot->Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot.

2. Tap on to it to enable Wi-Fi hotspot in Moto E.

You can customise your network SSID and password by tapping Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Use Motorola Moto E as Modem

1. Connect your device to PC through USB cable.

2. Then go to Settings-> More->Tethering & mobile hotspot->USB tethering.

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Feb 042016

So all life in this planet has been dependent on hydrogen, and I think that we should follow the universe’s example by using the abundant energy that is all around us. (Also we can produce hydrogen cleanly with electricity from solar, wind, and water, without using coal, oil, natural gas, or nuclear.)

So I made the connection that we could be burning hydrogen to cook or melt stuff, and to generate electricity with zero emissions. Then I found out that it’s already happening. There are already stoves, fake fire places, kilns, and hot water heaters being converted to burn hydrogen.

In my book and in my chapter, Burning Hydrogen, Instead of Oil, Coal, or Natural Gas, I am advocating for converting all steel smelters, pottery and brick kilns, water heaters, heaters, and factories to burn hydrogen. (Also hydrogen fuel cells can power electric pottery kilns and electric aluminum smelters.)

Many of these ideas are starting to manifest and here are some videos I found on Youtube that either demonstrate that these ideas are already happening or prove that they could be done if we apply existing technology into different applications. I found out the all cars can be converted to burn 100% hydrogen gas and they clean the air as they drive, by burning up existing pollution as it goes through the Hydrogen flame in the engine. Here are 2 videos of Roy McAlister the President of the American Hydrogen Association, who has been converting cars to hydrogen for 45 years, driving one.

I also occurred to me that we could be converting all existing coal and natural gas power plants to burn hydrogen, by just changing the burners and the fuel, which would be easier than taking the time and money to build all new power plants, and it would instantly make all grids 100% zero emission. If we woke up to this possibility we also would no long need to waste billions on dangerous nuclear power plants, that take years to build, are expensive, produce deadly waste that lasts for millions of years and can be turned into nuclear weapons, and that are vulnerable to terrorism and natural disaster, like earthquakes, like what just happened in Japan where an earthquake a tsunami as caused a terrible accident.

This video is of a guy starting up the hydrogen/oxygen flames of a very large artificial gem kiln, which shows that we could be doing the same in power plants. In the video below a guy is boiling some water with a hydrogen and oxygen flame and stove, which is what coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants do. They boil water and the steam turns turbines, which generate electricity, thus it proves that this idea is possible and safe.

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