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The Moto E is a low end Android device by Motorola, is the latest budget dual sim Android smartphone. The Moto E was launched in May 2014. The device features a 4.3″ LCD display, with a resolution of 960×540. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. It has 4GB internal storage, with a microSD slot capable of up to 32GB. The Moto E has a 5MP camera and runs on Android 4.4.2. All this is backed by a 1980mAh battery. Here is some quick tips and tricks on Moto E to make you play with your device.
Moto E
Check Notification:
From any screen, slide with single figure. You can see the notifications.

Check Quick settings and Quick toggles:
From any screen, slide with double figures. You can see all quick settings and quick toggles like WIFI, GPS, Sound, Bluetooth.

A different way to capture:
1. Go to camera.
2. Connect with headphone.
3. Press the headphone control button.

Decreasing the Screen Brightness:

  • While on the home screen, tap the “All apps” icon
  • Tap “Settings“
  • Under “Device“, tap “Display“
  • Tap “Brightness” and clear the “Automatic brightness” check box if necessary
  • Drag the brightness slider to the desired level
  • Tap “OK“

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Adjusting the Screen Timeout:

  • Access the phone’s “Settings” menu
  • Tap “Display” under “Device“
  • Tap “Sleep“
  • Set a different duration, anywhere between “15 seconds” and the maximum limit of “10 minutes“

Adding a Widget or a Shortcut to the Home Screen:

  • Tap “All apps” while on the home screen
  • Swipe right-to-left and find the desired app or widget
  • Tap and hold the desired widget or app

Deleting a Widget or a Shortcut:

  • Tap and hold a widget or a shortcut located on the home screen
  • Drag the item over the “Remove” icon
  • Release the item and it will be removed

Changing the Home Screen Wallpaper:

  • While on the home screen, tap and hold an empty area
  • Select “Wallpapers“
  • Browse through the default images and tap “Set Wallpaper” when you’ve reached the desired one.

Changing the Default Keyboard:

  • While viewing the home screen, tap “All Apps“
  • Tap “Settings“
  • Under “Personal“, tap “Language & input“
  • Tap “Default” and select the desired keyboard

Enabling / Disabling Haptic Feedback:

  • Open the apps drawer
  • Tap “Settings” > “Sound“
  • Tap “Vibrate on touch” to enable or disable haptic feedback

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Importing the contacts from SIM card in Moto E

1. Go to Contacts

2. Choose Options Symbol shown in image below

3. Choose Import/export.

4. The new menu opens.

5. Select Import from SIM card. It will ask to choose the SIM card you have in your device. You can select both the SIM or you can choose one sim. It will import all your contacts in SIM card to Motorola Moto E smartphone.

Take screenshot in Motorola Moto E

1. Press and hold volume down key and power button for few seconds.

2. The screen blinks to confirm you that, screenshot is taken.

3. The screenshot taken will be saved in Gallery.

Use Motorola Moto E as WiFi Hotspot

1. Go to Settings-> More->Tethering & mobile hotspot->Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot.

2. Tap on to it to enable Wi-Fi hotspot in Moto E.

You can customise your network SSID and password by tapping Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Use Motorola Moto E as Modem

1. Connect your device to PC through USB cable.

2. Then go to Settings-> More->Tethering & mobile hotspot->USB tethering.

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Feb 042016

So all life in this planet has been dependent on hydrogen, and I think that we should follow the universe’s example by using the abundant energy that is all around us. (Also we can produce hydrogen cleanly with electricity from solar, wind, and water, without using coal, oil, natural gas, or nuclear.)

So I made the connection that we could be burning hydrogen to cook or melt stuff, and to generate electricity with zero emissions. Then I found out that it’s already happening. There are already stoves, fake fire places, kilns, and hot water heaters being converted to burn hydrogen.

In my book and in my chapter, Burning Hydrogen, Instead of Oil, Coal, or Natural Gas, I am advocating for converting all steel smelters, pottery and brick kilns, water heaters, heaters, and factories to burn hydrogen. (Also hydrogen fuel cells can power electric pottery kilns and electric aluminum smelters.)

Many of these ideas are starting to manifest and here are some videos I found on Youtube that either demonstrate that these ideas are already happening or prove that they could be done if we apply existing technology into different applications. I found out the all cars can be converted to burn 100% hydrogen gas and they clean the air as they drive, by burning up existing pollution as it goes through the Hydrogen flame in the engine. Here are 2 videos of Roy McAlister the President of the American Hydrogen Association, who has been converting cars to hydrogen for 45 years, driving one.

I also occurred to me that we could be converting all existing coal and natural gas power plants to burn hydrogen, by just changing the burners and the fuel, which would be easier than taking the time and money to build all new power plants, and it would instantly make all grids 100% zero emission. If we woke up to this possibility we also would no long need to waste billions on dangerous nuclear power plants, that take years to build, are expensive, produce deadly waste that lasts for millions of years and can be turned into nuclear weapons, and that are vulnerable to terrorism and natural disaster, like earthquakes, like what just happened in Japan where an earthquake a tsunami as caused a terrible accident.

This video is of a guy starting up the hydrogen/oxygen flames of a very large artificial gem kiln, which shows that we could be doing the same in power plants. In the video below a guy is boiling some water with a hydrogen and oxygen flame and stove, which is what coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants do. They boil water and the steam turns turbines, which generate electricity, thus it proves that this idea is possible and safe.

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